Monday, December 21, 2009


Sometimes I'm naive
Sometimes I'd like like to stay a child forever
Safe in my little world
Sometimes I wish I were you

Sometimes I feel like a failure
Fat and miserable again
Sometimes I just want to escape
From this world forever

Sometimes I'm not sure what happiness is
Sometimes I feel like I have it now
Sometimes I feel like I had it then
Or did I ever?

Sometimes food is my comfort
The smells and taste excite me
So I eat until it hurts
Sometimes I like when it hurts

Sometimes I wish I could go back
And replace my emotions with the drive
Because the pain of living
Is sometimes too much

Sometimes I wish people could understand
Read me right away
Sometimes I think they do
Sometimes I'm wrong

1 comment:

  1. Good work! Sometimes we feel like our whole world is crashing beneath us, but somehow we wined up making it through it all. We look back and wonder how we lived it through the storm(s)..

    I like your Blog.. it's very truthful, full of natural feelings and honesty. I like lemonade, because it's a natural, breath of fresh air every time you take a drink. :)

    Here's My Blog if you want to check it out.. Hope you like it!! xoxo~